We provide advice and defense services to insured individuals and businesses who
have been sued for in personal injury claims for both automobile accidents and
homeowner policy claims.  Our representation includes thorough investigate the
of claims, interview witnesses and clients, research applicable laws, research
potential counter claims, and research possible affirmative defenses.   Over the
years, have successfully defended and litigated general negligence, underinsured
and uninsured claims to verdict with excellent results for our clients. We handle
insurance defense involving Automobile Insurance, Homeowners Insurance,
Casualty and life insurance and Commercial Insurance.   

Our knowledge and experience in insurance law goes far beyond liability defense.
We also handle first party claims for insurance companies. Uninsured and under
insured motorist claims have many pitfalls, including demands for binding
arbitration. We have the experience required to deal with these cases and we
aggressively defend our clients.

One of our primary focuses is to provide competent trial and litigation knowledge
and experience to self-insured and insured clients. In essence, our goal is to
provide fast and effective results at a reasonable rate, with the emphasis on
reasonable and results. We treat you like you're our only client.  We participate in
continuing education courses and seminars relevant to the field of insurance
defense to keep updated on current trends and recent changes in the law as well as
to perfect our trial skills to better represent our clients.

Together with a professional support staff, we provide your business the
intelligent, knowledgeable, and effective representation you need to remain
successful. We provide services on an hourly billable and alternative fee basis. Our
firm has extensive experience with a wide range of alternative fee structures.
If you have been named as a defendant in a claim, or need legal counsel about
protecting your assets from litigation, contact the Metts Law Firm, LLC, to
schedule an appointment to meet with us. We treat you like you're our only client.

In today's litigious business environment, there is no shortage of lawyers who will
accept a client's personal injury case, even weak or frivolous cases. We help defend
you against those cases, whether the liability is admitted or denied.  We help craft
legal defenses and arguments based on the facts of each individual case.  We
actively investigate all claims and legal arguments and prepare your case for trial
when necessary.  We have tried hundreds of cases with a proven track record of
zealous representation.

We focus our attention on providing cost-effective, fast results for your business,
so you can focus on meeting your customers' needs. We have built our reputation
on protecting our business clients' interests and rights against personal injury
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